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3 Tips for Avoiding Financial Scams

3 Tips for Avoiding Financial Scams

| August 01, 2022

We have noticed an increasing number of financial scams recently and want to remind everyone of three security tips that could help you avoid them.

1. Read Carefully: Scammers attempt to mimic real organizations. Take a moment to visually review the sender or caller's information. Does the email address look correct and professional? Does the phone number match the company's information on their website or business card? Can they verify their identity?

2. Resist the Pressure to Act Immediately: Legitimate businesses will give you time to make a decision and respond. In emails and text messages from businesses, do not click on links without confirming them using a trustworthy source. This could be accomplished by visiting a company website or calling a local phone number.

3. Don't Give Out Sensitive Information Unexpectedly: Never respond to unexpected requests for personal and financial information over phone, email or text. There should always be another way that you can initiate when providing necessary, sensitive information to a business. 

If you would like to read more about this topic, you can reference our source "How To Avoid a Scam" on the Federal Trade Commission Website:

As one of the many security measures in place, we are required to confirm every money movement with you verbally over the phone or in-person. Please reach out anytime with questions.